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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Review on Xiaomi Mi4 to be Exclusively Retailing - MI4 Specifications

Review on Xiaomi Mi4 to be Exclusively Retailing - MI4 Specifications

Xiaomi Mi4 Specifications, Price, Launch Date :
You may perceive that the much acclaimed and most successful in the very first entry of Mi3 from Xiaomi was seen viral on the e-world. The organization Xiaomi entered in the smart phones market with its as of late boosted Mi3 smartphone. There were two more models which were boosted and they are Note and 1S versions of Redmi line up.  Presently, the Xiaomi has launched the Mi4 device in its flagship lineup on July 22, 2014. It is the successor of Mi3. In like manner the prior release of Mi3, Mi4 ought to be made up of metal and glass mix. Its pictures propose so. Anyhow, a few claims that it is made up of metal looking plastic. A percentage of the specs of Mi4 leading smartphones have been formally published. All specs will be known at the time of releasing the smartphone. We should get obviously what Xiaomi Mi4 details, dispatch date and cost will be (generally likely). 

Xiaomi Mi4 Specifications, Price, Launch Date 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Review on Xiaomi Mi3 - Pros and Cons a detailed Review

Review on Xiaomi Mi3 - Pros and Cons a detailed Review
Fueled by a Snapdragon 800 processor from Qualcomm with a whopping 2.3ghz processor which is a quadcore and supported by an excellent and powerful 3,050 mah Non-removable Li-Ion battery, the full-HD 5-inch Mi3 cartons its parts into a uni body which is magnesium compound and that too is just 8.1mm in thickness.  With all these features and for the decent price available in the exclusive Flipkart’s Site, this phone is a must thing to watch for this year.
Register now to buy a Mi 3 on sale day
The registration window is open from 15th July to 21st July 2014 midnight


It comes with a display of capacitive touchscreen which is a IPS LCD and a 16M colors multi touch and produces an excellent 441 ppi clearity.

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Xiaomi Mi3 to be Retailed Exclusively by India’s Online retail giant Flipkart from This Week

Xiaomi Mi3 to be Retailed Exclusively by India’s Online retail giant Flipkart from This Week:

Chinese consumer gadgets titan, Xiaomi is accounted for to offer the organization's leader cell phone Mi3 solely at online store Flipkart in India. Flipkart has released a online teaser on its home page publication with a Xiaomi Mi3's tag code “Accelerate Your Life," indicating the smartphone Xiaomi MI3 may be bought only from Flipkart’s online site. Clearly selected associations between e-retailers and hadnsets merchants has turned into a benefit agitating business plan of action in India. For example, Motorola supposedly sold about 10 lakhs Moto models which includes the company’s comeback giant MotoE and other flagship Moto models  G and X. These cell phones from MOTO

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Alpha (Samsung Galaxy F) Specifications:- Possible Pros and Cons

Rumoured Samsung Galaxy Alpha (Samsung Galaxy F) Specifications:-  Possible Pros and Cons
Here we go once more, people. Samsung is as rumor has it furnishing to release its first metal flagship one month from now under the Galaxy Alpha signature.
That is as indicated by Korean-dialect reports focused around "industry sources" picked by the typically dependable Korea Herald.
Samsung is allegedly attempting to anticipate the arrival of bigger iphone models this September 2014 with a premium metal-manufactured gadget of its own. The gadget may be called Alpha from the line of Galaxy Series, guarantee the Korean sources, however you may know it better as the Galaxy F, a name that showed up in a few disclosures and reports as such.
For the books, Samsung trademarked the “Galaxy Alpha" name at the start of a month ago, proposing that may be the business name of the gadget.

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The Galaxy Alpha will supposedly offer a 4.7-inch Super AMOLED screen display, a "premium-metal" body which is powered by an Octa core processor from Exynos possibly the Exinos5. The gadget is said to be only 6 mm in width, which would be considerably more slimmer than the flagship and one of the successful models from Samsung :Galaxy S5 (8.1 mm) and from its rival Apple’s iphone 5s (7.6 mm).

Samsung declined to say anything on the buzzes, however a reliable source guarantees that the organization calls the Galaxy Alpha "card-telephone" inside, for its thin profile.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Review on LG G3 - Pros and Cons a detailed Review

Review on LG G3 - Pros and Cons a detailed Review
A year ago, LG made the LGG2 with a wide screen, striking outline and a group of advancements. Presently, with the new flagship G3, LG plans to change things again with a screen that is remarkably with high resolution, a striking new OS configuration and an extraordinary Camera - with laser-guided auto focus technology its latest Auto Focus is no less. Is this the most developed smartphone yet? Read ahead.
Here's the fact: there are lead smartphones with huge screens. They've been getting greater throughout the last few years, including any semblance of the Samsung Galaxy S5, Huawei’s P7 and the G3's antecedent, and the most successful from it’s own LGG2. However the LG G3 has a greater screen - 5.5 inches - than numerous phablets. To be perfectly honest, human adv

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Review on HTC Desire 616 - Pros and Cons a detailed Review

Review on HTC Desire 616 - Pros and Cons a detailed Review

HTC has advertised the new  Desire 616 cell phone in Singapore for $240, which changes over to more or less Rs.14,500. The cell phone emphasizes a 1.4ghz octa-center CPU, 1 GB of RAM and has a 5-inches and a good 720p screen. It's additionally a double SIM cellphone, which likewise demonstrates that HTC has outlined it for developing mid range markets.
HTC is generally anticipated that will dispatch the cellphone in India this week and its now available in India.

Other than its ARM Cortex A7 which is a 8 core processor with tough building design, the desire 616 has a 8-megapixel rear camera and a decent 2MP confronting camera in the front.Clearly, this release from HTC in the name of 616 is unique in relation to most HTC offerings as it powers a less expensive chipset. Likely, its utilizing a True-Octa chipset from Mediatek.

Different sportings of the telephone incorporate a 2,000mah Li-Ion battery, 4 GB of interior memory, and a microsd card space which can be extendable up to 32GB. There is no clarity over the form of Android it will run previously but its confirmed that the new HTC 616 wil run a Androi

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Asus ZenPhone5 - Pros and Cons A complete Review

Asus ZenPhone5 - Pros and Cons A complete Review
Taiwanese tech real Asus, which has a sizeable vicinity in the Indian machine market for a long time, is presently ready to try things out waters in the expanding Indian cell phone market. Asus has presented its Zen fone  scope of cell phones - the Zen fone  4, Zen fone  5, and Zen fone  6 - in the Indian business sector convey appealing stickers. The hand sets, which made their presentation early not long from now at CES 2014, are evaluated at Rs 5,999 onwards (Zen fone  4). The Zen fone  6 is evaluated at Rs 16,999 while the Zen fone  5's costs begin at Rs 9,999. We got an opportunity to encounter the Zen fone  5 preceding it authoritatively dispatched in India.
See the Note on RAM and best customer review at the end of this article
Likewise SEE Asus dispatches Zen fone  4 in India at Rs 5,999, Zen fone  5 at Rs 9,999, Zen fone  6 at Rs 16,999
The Asus Zen fone  5 will comes two variants - 8gb and 16gb, and an extensive variety of colors - dark, white, red, purple, and gold. Our audit unit was a 8gb, dark  hued model.
Asus Zen fone  5 audit: A great hand set at an extraordinary cost
Asus has valued the Zen fone  5 alluringly at Rs 9,999 and is effortlessly one of the best purchases at its value range. With a sticker of Rs 9,999 makes it one of the not many

Asus ZenPhone4 - Pros and Cons A complete Review

Asus ZenPhone4 - Pros and Cons A complete Review
Asus has hauled a rabbit out of a cap by forcefully estimating their new “Zen fone” cell phones in the savagely focused Indian cell phone market.
The organization presented three telephones in India - “Zen fone” 4, “Zen fone” 5, and “Zen fone” 6. While we have effectively posted our audit of the “Zen fone” 5 - which has a go at Rs 9,999 - here is our early introductions survey of the “Zen fone” 4 cell phone which is costing just Rs 5,999. This involved survey is focused around a concise period that we got to go through with the gadget at the demo zone throughout the dispatch occasion.
Asus' “Zen fone” 4 is the least expensive of all the three cell phones that went to India today. The telephone seems to be like the “Zen fone” 5, however arrives in a more diminutive undercarriage. At 4-creeps, the
“Zen fone” 4 is not difficult to hold and work with a solitary hand, which I found not really agreeable with the “Zen fone” 5.


The Rs 5,999 Asus “Zen fone” 4: First impressions audit
Provided for its value, the “Zen fone” 4 has an extraordinary showcase with great color multiplication and agreeable review plot.
The minimal effort “Zen fone” 4 has a striking resemblance concentric loop finish at the lower-end of the front board as its on the “Zen fone” 5 and 6. The telephone comes in 5 colors - Charcoal Black, Pearl White, Cherry Red, Sky Blue, and Solar Yellow, and a metal-hued matte completion at the back adds to its looks.

ASUS launches three new Zen Phones - Asus ZenFone 4, ZenFone 5 and the ZenFone 6 from Rs 5,999

ASUS launches three new Zen Phones  - Asus ZenFone 4, ZenFone 5 and the ZenFone 6 from Rs 5,999
Taiwanese tech titan Asus, that as of now has vicinity in different hardware fragments in India, has affirmed its section into the thriving Indian cell phone market with the dispatch of three alluringly evaluated cell phones - the Asus ZenFone 4, ZenFone 5 and the ZenFone 6 at RS: 5,999 onwards.

Asus' cell phone lineup incorporates variants of the ZenFone range - from the 4-inch ZenFone 4 to the 6-inch phablet ZenFone 6. The Asus ZenFone gadgets are controlled by Intel's Atom processoRS:.
The cost of the ZenFone 4 is RS: 5,999, while the ZenFone 5 costs begin at RS: 9,999 and the ZenFone 6 accompanies a RS: 16,999 sticker.
Asus dispatches ZenFone 4 in India at RS: 5,999, ZenFone 5 at RS: 9,999, ZenFone 6 at RS: 16,999
The Asus ZenFone 4, ZenFone 5 and ZenFone 6 are the fiRS:t of the Taiwanese tech titan's cell phones in the Indian market.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

HP Split 13-m009TU X2 Laptop - Pros and Cons A complete Review

HP Split 13-m009TU X2 Laptop  -Pros and Cons A complete Review

The Envy model, on the other hand, propelled for a pricey 900 Euros and 45k in iNdia, which is a bit over-the-top for what is basically a 11.6-inch convertible netbook considering the specs. The Part x2 was made on account of a lower value point and
along these lines focuses on a more extensive group of onlookers, assuredly without taking shortcuts simultaneously. The 13.3-inch convertible in survey is the first accessible arrangement of the arrangement and is outfitted with a 1.4 Ghz Core i3-3229y, coordinated HD 4000 representation, 1366 x 768 determination touchscreen show, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SATA III SSD and a console base dock that duplicates as an optional battery with a discretionary 7 mm HDD. For a MSRP of $729 around 48K in India, the model is much less expensive than the starting cost of $799 and 53K in India when it was proclaimed

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Retailer from Brasil publishes Specs of Moto X+1

 Moto X2 India Specifications:

A retailer from Brazil called Livraria Logos, who just so come about to publish Moto E specifications 2 days before the phone was published, has created a new page for the yet to be launched Moto X+1, with a complete list of specifications. External of those, there are no actual pictures of thesmart phone or other promoting resources like we saw when the Moto E disclosed initially. We aren’t completely certain what to brand of this web page since all we know about it is a Moto E early posting, but since they were commercial on with the Moto E, we might as well give

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Samsung declared four new smartphones Galaxy CoreII, Galaxy Ace4, Galaxy Star2, and Galaxy Young2

The smartphone market leader Samsung declared four new smartphones Galaxy CoreII, Galaxy Ace4, Galaxy Star2, and Galaxy Young2, escalating its Galaxy route, for an incomparable smartphone involvement at a reasonable price.

All the four new smartphones are furnished with Samsung’s streamlined Touch Wiz Principle interface and the much acclaimed and the latest version of OS from Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat.
These four new smartphones from Samsung as per the company will offer natural smart phone experience at a very reasonably priced to compete with the Moto E.
The Galaxy CoreII is sporting a quad core 1.2 GHz processor / 4.5 inches display / 2 000 mAh Li-po battery / dual SIM / 5 Mp camera / LED flash.
The Galaxy Ace4 is sporting dual core 1GHz processor / 1500 mAh Li-po battery.
The Galaxy Young2 is sporting single core 1GHz processor/ 1300 mAh Li-po battery /3.5 inches screen (HVGA ) /  3 MP camera.
The Galaxy Star 2 is sporting by single core 1GHz processor/ 1300 mAh Li-po battery / 2 MP camera / 3.5 inches screen (HVGA ) / downloadable games.

Review on Galaxy Core II - Pros and Cons a detailed Review
The Galaxy CoreII is the impeccable smartphone for operators who need the ideal blend of elegance, compactness, power, and control. It features sophisticated leather resembling rear cover design and powered with a powerful quad core processor which clocks 1.2 GHz and optimal to achieve data concentrated jobs with quickness and comfort. Accomplishments are assisted by a fine-looking 4.5 inches display and a powerful 2 000mAh Li-Po battery for lengthy usage. The smartphone also comprises a 5 MP rear camera which is supported with an LED Flash. It is also sporting the latest Samsung’s flagship and easy Touch Wiz Essence interface