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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review on Digiflip Pro XT712 - Pros and Cons a detailed Review

Review on Digiflip Pro XT712  - Pros and Cons a detailed Review

E-Commerce leader in India, Flipkart has just introduced a new 7” tablet PC at a whopping price of just a rupee below 10K Rs. The new DigiFlip Pro with model no XT712 will be available for the buyers at Rs 9,999. The tablet features a 3G connectivity access  with its dual sim capacity and it also allows the user with expected feature from a tablet -  voice calling. The new XT712 Digi Flip Pro is made of a metallic body and will be presented in two colors initially Black and White and both priced similarly.

  Flipkart aslo makes the buyers enjoy by giving extra Free Shopping worth Rs. 5300 on Flipkart through its Mobile App on the device and also a 2000 Rs worth of Ebooks from Flipkart. And Flat 50% Off on Tablet Cases worth Rs.799 for Digiflip Pro Tablet.

The new Digiflip Pro XT712 is rightly placed with an LCD IPS display with resolution 1280P x 800P and is equipped with a powerful 1.3GHz Cortex A7 processor which is a quad

Review on BlackBerry Z3 - Pros and Cons a detailed Review

Review on BlackBerry Z3 - Pros and Cons a detailed Review
Sometime earlier this 2014 start of second quarter, BlackBerry announced its newest smartphone Z3 in the South Asian Market starting at the Indonesia and it was momentarily allowed for pre order in Indonesia. Blackberry with the success of Z3 in Indonesia now turns its sight on Indian market to regain its lost base.
The BlackBerry Z3 can be pre booked from Indian online sites like FLIPKART from today.

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The smartphone Z3 costs just less than 16K Rs. and Flipkart give back a 1000 Rs. payback voucher if the handset is prebooked before the launch.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review on NOKIA X2 - Pros and Cons a detailed Review

 Review on NOKIA X2 - Pros and Cons a detailed Review

 Nokia X2, the inheritor of the latest entrance level smart phone from Nokia- Nokia-X is possibly to be declared on 24th Jun 2014 alongside with one more Nokia Lumia smart phone and a feature device from Nokia. The new X2 from Nokia will feature a wide 4.3 inch screen which is much different from the previous X from Nokia which comes with a much smaller 4 inch screen. 

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Like its entry level X from Nokia, the latest X2 will sport google’s 4.3 version of Android (Jelly bean).This was provoked on “Nokia Conversations blog”

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Test Models for Galaxy Note 4 from Samsung have landed in India:

Test Models for Galaxy Note 4 from Samsung have landed in India:
Review on GALAXY Note 4 - Pros and Cons a detailed Review - Follow
What is there for as a visual treat to the consumers with the Note 4 Specifications open?

The assessment prototypes of the 4th Gen Samsung Galaxy Note phablet have supposedly available in Indian Mobile Market which is to experience testing before moving out for a successful mass production.
 GSM Arena which is a leading blog for tech news, while quoting through the databank of the Zauba which is an import export logistics enterprise basically from India, tripped upon the transport particulars of the new Samsung device with version number SM N-910A allegedly the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is transported from Seoul (S.Korea) to India, Delhi the testing hub for Note4.

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 Several leading mobile experts consider that SM N-910A should be the much expected Note 4 a galaxy variant from Samsung and bearing in mind the point that its ancestor Note 3 of Galaxy variants had indistinguishable alpha numeric SM N-900 code sequences. The succeeding numeric cryptogram 910 appears to be reasonable for an improved and updated phablet phone, while the 'A' represented in the series is alleged to point out that the model is certain for the carrier AT&T wireless from United States.

 The explanation segment of the evident manifests articulates the phablet is introduced to Indian Mobile Market for examination and assessment reasons, and also indicates that the phablet is going to be 5.7inches in display size, which is in line

Monday, June 23, 2014

With QHD display Samsung launched Galaxy S5 LTE-Advanced

With QHD display Samsung launched Galaxy S5 LTE-Advanced
Review on GALAXY S5 - Pros and Cons a detailed Review - Follow
 Samsung which is the leader in the smartphone sales segment is known for fetching iteration of its leading smart phones and is no different this time. 10 days ago, Samsung launched its 2014 flagship Galaxy S5 with two of its new models: Active and the Galaxy K-Zoom.With the success following, currently, the leader in the smartphone sales segment has launched the latest Galaxy S5 LTE-A in Seoul in its home country South Korea with a QHD display.

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As the label proposes, the S5 LTE-A form the Galaxy series supports Long-Term Evolution (LTE)-Advanced which reveals it will have data-transfer speediness up to

Review on Moto X - Pros and Cons a detailed Review

Review on Moto X - Pros and Cons a detailed Review

Motorola from US is back in the much profitable Indian Mobile marketplace and it’s been a dream comeback by Motorola which it even didn’t expect. Initially the Moto-G and with the Moto-X, Motorola has surprised up the 2 major sections with just couple of android devices.One should accept that the MotoG has altered the conventional smartphone background and evidenced that we don’t actually depend on domestic makes for decent specs and small cost mobiles. 

By this, Indian Market has the MotoX active in the middle range smartphone section that has put phones sporting a quad or octa core smartphones to disgrace, thereby breaking the allegory that more cores equals a improved capability.When Moto initially introduced the MotoG late 2013, it totally re defined what one would

Review on Sony Xperia Z2 - Pros and Cons a detailed Review

Review on Sony Xperia Z2 - Pros and Cons a detailed Review

The latest entry from Sony’s smartphone section, the Sony Xperia Z2 has few of the thrilling add-ons which sort it outstanding from the rivalries. The phone is released in the first quarter of 2014 and the smartphone is already an instant hit for Sony.In this section let’s discuss about some of the pros and cons of the new flagship smartphone Sony Xperia Z2 and its detailed specifications and reviews.There is no doubt that the Sony Xperia Z2 will be competing with the lights of HTC One-M8 or Nokia Lumia-930 or with the Galaxy S5 from the Samsung.

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Screen and Display Features:
The Xperia Z2 has a Full HD 5.2 inches tri-luminous display.
It ranges the resolution 1080 x 1920 pixels and has an excellent 424 ppi. This means whatever you see in the screen is a clear picture with no hassle. It has a 16Million capacitive IPS LCD touch screen.The latest from Sony brings a broader collection of colors with its tri-luminous display. This means that what you see in the screen is actually what the color of the object is or the dim light captured.That places the Xperia Z2 on

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Micromax introduces two Windows powered handsets in India for less than Rs. 10,000

Micromax introduces two Windows powered handsets in India for less than Rs. 10,000

These two new smartphones are driven by Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 quad core processor with a dual-SIM GSM option and 1GB of RAM memory. 
 Micromax introduces two Windows powered handsets in India for less than Rs. 10,000
Micromax has introduced 2 Windows 8.1 version based smartphones with flagship names MicroMax Canvas Win W121 and MicroMax Canvas Win W092 in Indian mobile market today. These phones are estimated at 9,500 Rs and 6,500 Rs respectively, and will be open in the market for sales from July 2014.

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The first one, MicroMax Canvas Win W121 features a bigger 5-inch IPS HD screen and it is powered by a faster Qualcomm 200  Snapdragon 1.2 GHz quad-core processor which comes with 1GB of RAM memory. The Canvas Win W121 features an 8 MP rear camera which comes with LED flash and a surprising 2 MP front facing camera. It also comes with 8 GB internal

Review on HTC Desire 816 - Pros and Cons a detailed Review

Review on HTC Desire 816 - Pros and Cons a detailed Review
HTC Desire 816
is yet another story of the Taiwanese mobile giants’ budget level smartphone group. The company is now investing on this budget level mid-range segment to bring around its lucks in addition to showjumping on the serious acclaim that it’s leading mobile device, HTC One -M8 acknowledged. With the latest HTC Desire 816, it is possibly considering at contributing a features widespread, yet reasonable and inexpensive, big display mobile devices to the customers. Let’s review it to see how it could possibly travel in the market which is already lead by Samsung and other domestic players.
Shape and design
HTC Desire 816 basically shadows the matching design viewpoint as the firm's flagship mobile device, HTC One – M8, complete. But still it holds a plastic chase compared to all-metal chasis of HTC one M8.
It has a big 5.5-inch display and is also larger compared to HTC One. It includes a monobody form factor with corners rounded. Even with a plastic chasis, It looks nice and better finished and equivalent to lights of IPhone 5 series phones.Similar to HTC One M8, HTC Desire

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rumored Apple Iphone 6 Specifications:-

Rumored Apple Iphone 6 Specifications:-
The 2014 The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has come and gone deprived of a indication of any new Apple handset, let alone the Apple iPhone 6, which is a much speculated Apple instrument and much awaited also. However that's barely unanticipated since Apple moved to a September release calendar with the iPhone 4S, in the lack of figures; we can trust only on gossips or rumors and solid hints from Apple’s iOS 8 as to what the Apple’s iPhone 6 might get in. Read on for a precipitate of what we are pretty certain of so far and what is still unknown.

What we consider that we aware of!:
Gossips and Rumors about the next Apple’s iPhone started tossing days after the Apple’s iPhone 5S went on for a sale and became a big success. Predictors and bases of Analysts claim that the leading mobile brand Apple will give us at least couple of phones this 2014, just like it ensured in Sep 2013 with the much

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Preity Zinta files molestation case against Ness Wadia

Hindi artist and Bollywood fame and joint possessor of the IPL's Kings-XI-Punjab team, PreityZinta on Friday the 13th night filed a molestation objection case counter to her X- boy friend and business man Mr .Ness Wadia.
In the grievance, Zinta said Ness ill-treated and threatened her inside the Mumbai’s Wankhede Cricket stadium while there was a match between CSK and KXIP.The actress who is 39 year old alleged that she was mistreated by Wadia 44year old inside the Mumbai’s Wankhede Cricket stadium while there was a match between CSK and KXIP on May 30, told police dept sources at Marine-Drive Police station.
But Mr. Ness Wadia on his side has negated the allegations

WhiteHouse mute on appeals from Iraq for aerial attack, as rebels advance ground

WhiteHouse mute on appeals from Iraq for aerial attack, as rebels advance ground

WASHINGTON –  The Obama government supposedly has declined calls from the Iraqi rule to bring out aerial attack against Al Qaeda which is an aligned revolutionaries who are on a vehement trudge that is intimidating to take over the Iraq’s north. The rebels have previously snatched numerous major cities, together with Mosul City and most lately Tikrith City.

The Obama government is making an allowance for supplementary aid, but has not definite what help it is ready to send. And, a slight additional than two years after United States troops removed from Iraq, US is not promising to assisting the Iraq with aerial attacks. Prime Minister Nouuri-al-Maaliki has demanded aerial attacks, but so far the plea has been revolved down. A declaration from the NSC(National Security Council) made no promise, as rebels with the Iraq an Islamic State and Syria intimidate to progress.

 WhiteHouse Press Administrator Mr

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Student and Gunman killed after firing at Oregon high school

Student and Gunman killed after firing at Oregon high school
Authorized personals in Oregon USA revealed  a gunman go in a highschool outer of Portland and disastrously fire a schoolboy in advance he was shot by himself and succumb.

 The police department said that the condition is now steadied in Troutdale at Reynolds High-School.
The kid was  a boy student and the gunman was a male in his teens but it is not aware whether the shooter is also student in the same school or a different.
(Mother of the deceased getting details on the boy)
The school boy was fired in school’s local gym and there are no other fatalities or current dangers to other students and public.

Almost 2800 students attend the Reynolds High-School,  and authorities replied to information of firing at the school around 8:08 a.mCST..
A semi manual firearm was involved in the firing, Strickland said.
Courses were in period at the time.
About 50 to 70 minutes after the firing, Police department of Oregon State said the area was protected and that the condition was controlled.

Reynolds High School is situated at SW 1698 Cherry-Park Road in Troutdaale, which is a outskirts of Portland.

Monday, June 9, 2014

24 Students from Andhra Pradesh Died in Manali Dam

24 Students from Andhra Pradesh Died in Manali Dam
With slight confidence of existence, rescue experts are eyeing for 24 students out of 26 who went misplaced from the Pandoh DAM of Manali when officers in charge of the dam unconfined water lacking preceding announcement on Sunday. The bodies of 4 graduates have been recuperated so far while a faculty and students  and a tour guide are still missing.
A video Showing the young students and their rescue mission going in vain

Subsequent the incident, all staffs of the dam from where the water was released have been put off for act of negligence. Nevertheless, they due they had specified appropriate threatening call and announced the alarms before freeing the water.

Five People killed in Las-Vegas shootings

Five People killed in Las-Vegas shootings

Couple of people have fired and murdered two police department officers in Las Vegas (United States) and also killed a stranger and finally end up in shooting on their own. The event started in a cafe at 11:30 AM this morning, when a man aged around forties and a woman allegedly his girlfriend opened fire at the police officers who were having their lunch.

This undated photo given by the Las Vegas Police shows Officer Alyn Beck.

Before people realize what has happened they go in a Walmart and opened fire on a stranger to make him die. And they finally shoot each

Friday, June 6, 2014

Jon Meis' - A hero who saved many people in Seattle shooting.

Jon Meis'  -  A hero who saved many people in Seattle shooting.
An unidentified man equipped with a shot-gun opened shooting today at college in Seattle United States, murdering one individual. Two other who are also students are also injured and finally students restrained as a group and detained – explained by the police department of Seattle. Other than these an unidentified person was also been attacked and saved with minor injuries was injured in the struggle with the gunman, police said.

The accused is AaronYbarra aged 26 and has been locked into King County prison for the gunfire at Pacific-University of Seattle. The only doubtful, who was not a schoolboy from the university, pass in an theoretical construction of the Pacific University today afternoon and opened fire on three people police department of Seattle said our news channel.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

HP launches its latest HP PRO X2-612, detachable hybrid tablet cum laptop with battery associated in the keyboard.

HP launches its latest HP PRO X2-612, detachable hybrid tablet cum laptop with battery associated in the keyboard.

HP has recently launched its strong response to MS’s Surface Pr0-3 with its brand fresh HP PRO X2-612. This instrument is the Hewlett Packard’s very first and the only viable personal computer which is a separable one.  Going forward, HP will also made this PRO X2-612 device without a keyboard which means it will consider it as a stand-alone tablet PC which would be called as HP PRO 612 Tablet.

This latest welcome to HP's group means that it has a commercial attentive project, targeting at business clients, including a display of 12.5 Inches and an excellent maximum range of 13.5 hrs of power life. It is powered by Core-I3 / Core-I5 processors thanks to Intel, and this would probably introduce a latest technology VPRO from INTEL for the first time in any of the HP devices. This technology will give an extra layer of security and is also furnished with an HD /FULL HD display, based on the configuration.

HP PRO X2-612 as WACOM pressure delicate digitizer and a touch-pen, with a pen slot which allows the user to keep the touch-pen intact.  And, one of the most fascinating point HP has to reveal is that it comes with the storage capacity of 64 GB to 512 GB based on the configuration. HP Pro x2 612 includes a VGA, RJ45, display port, 2 x 3.0USB  ports, a complete size External memory card reader and a power battery  which is built in and can power up the instrument’s power life from around 9 hrs to 13 to 14 hrs. It is also packed

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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  • Main camera sensor: 20.7 MP/5248 х 3936 p/ autofocus, LED FLASH
  • Display size: 5.78 inch
  • Processor name: Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, Quad Core KRAIT - 2.3GHZ
  • Maximum talk time (3G): 10.5h
  • Maximum music playback time: 36h


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Wisconsin Waukesha girls of age 12 stabbed their friend for almost 19times

Wisconsin Waukesha girls of age 12 stabbed their friend for almost 19times

District attorney said two 12-year-old girls from Wisconsin, USA stabbed one of their friend who is also 12 closely to decease in the woodlands to gratify a mythic mortal they educated about internet.

They both were accused as grownups (adults) with 1st degree tried murder Waukesha County Circuit Court and they might face upto 60 years of imprisonment if convicted.

WWDC-2014: Apple declares IOS 8 and OS-X YOSEMITE. No Declaration on I-WATCH yet

WWDC-2014: Apple declares IOS 8 and OS-X YOSEMITE. No Declaration on  I-WATCH yet

Apple at its once a year designers' meeting on 2nd June 2014 declared the fresh versions of its OS – i-OS 8 and OS-X YOSEMITE, which ride Apple's portable devices and MAC CPUs and Laptops, respectively. Apple's MAC OS acquires a new workout and improved methods to interchange and exchange documents and libraries, while innovative features in the S/W for i-PHONES and i-PADS comprise one for having tablets on your fitness.
The establishment broadcasted the latest features at its twenty fifth yearly conferences for software designers in San-Francisco, USA. The new software will have shared notices, so that the user can reply to a communication or a message by not leaving from the currently working app. It will have new gesticulations, like to check a list of people you converse often just by double clicking it.

One of the much awaited feature is that I-OS8 will have a inbuilt health-administration implementation to comfort persons check their dynamic marks, regime, nutritional diet,  and sleep behaviors.
Apple publicized new tools for monitoring garage entries, bimetallic strips, thermal plants and other domestic systems, although Apple didn't express how all the fragments will be allied organized to call it as “HomeKit”.
The new updates are mostly expected to come with their latest instruments for the fore coming season, with unrestricted bring up-to-date offered for latest models. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sergeant Bowe Robert Bergdahl, the US soldier Released Finally!

Sergeant Bowe Robert Bergdahl, the US soldier Released Finally!
Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, the US  soldier held imprisoned for approximately 5 years by activists in the course of the Afghan confrontation, has been freed in interchange for 5 Guanntaanamo prisoners, the established order told Saturday.The White House said in a declaration that they are happy to welcome back Sgt. Bowe.
Administrator of Security Hagel told in a dispersed declaration that he had educated Government of the decision to transmission 5 captives from Guanntaanamo to Doha in Qatar.The family of Sgt. Bowe was up-to-date on the incident by the office of Obama the President and that their extensive postponement for his reappearance will shortly be ended," Hagel explained.Sgt. Bowe is currently in the care of the Military of the United States subsequently being offered over by his imprisoners in kabul.

Video Showing Bowe Bergdhal seen after three years:

We will offer Sgt.Bowe all the sustenance he desires to aid him improves from this torment, and we are obliged that Sgt.Bowe will quickly be unified with his personals."A speech from Bowe’s parents, said-- "We were so ecstatic and reassured when Mr. Barack phoned us now to provide us the update that my son is lastly returning family! We cannot delay to shawl our hands round our lone child. We need to show gratitude Bowe's countless cohorts in US, around the homeland and all over the planet.