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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sergeant Bowe Robert Bergdahl, the US soldier Released Finally!

Sergeant Bowe Robert Bergdahl, the US soldier Released Finally!
Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, the US  soldier held imprisoned for approximately 5 years by activists in the course of the Afghan confrontation, has been freed in interchange for 5 Guanntaanamo prisoners, the established order told Saturday.The White House said in a declaration that they are happy to welcome back Sgt. Bowe.
Administrator of Security Hagel told in a dispersed declaration that he had educated Government of the decision to transmission 5 captives from Guanntaanamo to Doha in Qatar.The family of Sgt. Bowe was up-to-date on the incident by the office of Obama the President and that their extensive postponement for his reappearance will shortly be ended," Hagel explained.Sgt. Bowe is currently in the care of the Military of the United States subsequently being offered over by his imprisoners in kabul.

Video Showing Bowe Bergdhal seen after three years:

We will offer Sgt.Bowe all the sustenance he desires to aid him improves from this torment, and we are obliged that Sgt.Bowe will quickly be unified with his personals."A speech from Bowe’s parents, said-- "We were so ecstatic and reassured when Mr. Barack phoned us now to provide us the update that my son is lastly returning family! We cannot delay to shawl our hands round our lone child. We need to show gratitude Bowe's countless cohorts in US, around the homeland and all over the planet.

We express thanks the Aamir of Doha in Qatar for his hard work. And of way, we like to take this occasion to express thanks everyone in the Administration of United States Government.The authorized officials said that once on the chopper of United States Military, Bowe who is just 29 years of age inscribed on a plate of paper, "SF?" which he meant as , "Special Forces?" He inscribed due to the sound. The operatives sitting with Bowe replied noisily, shouting, "Yeah, we are waiting for you Mr Bowe  for an extensive time."

Bowe just started crying and the officials in the chopper just flying in the air as such as they are going to rescue one of them.

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