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Thursday, June 5, 2014

HP launches its latest HP PRO X2-612, detachable hybrid tablet cum laptop with battery associated in the keyboard.

HP launches its latest HP PRO X2-612, detachable hybrid tablet cum laptop with battery associated in the keyboard.

HP has recently launched its strong response to MS’s Surface Pr0-3 with its brand fresh HP PRO X2-612. This instrument is the Hewlett Packard’s very first and the only viable personal computer which is a separable one.  Going forward, HP will also made this PRO X2-612 device without a keyboard which means it will consider it as a stand-alone tablet PC which would be called as HP PRO 612 Tablet.

This latest welcome to HP's group means that it has a commercial attentive project, targeting at business clients, including a display of 12.5 Inches and an excellent maximum range of 13.5 hrs of power life. It is powered by Core-I3 / Core-I5 processors thanks to Intel, and this would probably introduce a latest technology VPRO from INTEL for the first time in any of the HP devices. This technology will give an extra layer of security and is also furnished with an HD /FULL HD display, based on the configuration.

HP PRO X2-612 as WACOM pressure delicate digitizer and a touch-pen, with a pen slot which allows the user to keep the touch-pen intact.  And, one of the most fascinating point HP has to reveal is that it comes with the storage capacity of 64 GB to 512 GB based on the configuration. HP Pro x2 612 includes a VGA, RJ45, display port, 2 x 3.0USB  ports, a complete size External memory card reader and a power battery  which is built in and can power up the instrument’s power life from around 9 hrs to 13 to 14 hrs. It is also packed
with a spill resistance and backlit keyboard.

When compared with keyboard of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3's this has more facts to enchant. HP PRO X2-612 weighs in at just less than a kg which is around 910g when compared to MS’s PRO which is around 812gms. But HP revealed a good news today that it will offer it users a travel keyboard which will be lesser in weight when compared to the one that comes in the box. This is apt for people who are frequent travelers and since this is made lighter, it will not feature the extra battery and the users have to spare the battery life which is good even in normal conditions.

IT also features HP’s brand trademark fingerprint reader bit made it as optional for users who concern more on security and HP Client Security comes as the security agent. This will have pre-installed Windows 8.1 but still a support for Windows 7 will be given if the user chooses it. HP PRO X2-612 will be available for sale from the mid of September 2014 which will also come with the keyboard with power. And at this point of time HP is lip locked on the price range of this much awaited detachable tablet.

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