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Friday, June 6, 2014

Jon Meis' - A hero who saved many people in Seattle shooting.

Jon Meis'  -  A hero who saved many people in Seattle shooting.
An unidentified man equipped with a shot-gun opened shooting today at college in Seattle United States, murdering one individual. Two other who are also students are also injured and finally students restrained as a group and detained – explained by the police department of Seattle. Other than these an unidentified person was also been attacked and saved with minor injuries was injured in the struggle with the gunman, police said.

The accused is AaronYbarra aged 26 and has been locked into King County prison for the gunfire at Pacific-University of Seattle. The only doubtful, who was not a schoolboy from the university, pass in an theoretical construction of the Pacific University today afternoon and opened fire on three people police department of Seattle said our news channel.

When he was left with no bullets he tried to reload and a brave student from the University took advantage of the situation and showed a class of bravery. He sprayed the pepper spray which he had with him and he is also a student security sentinel. Few other students hopped on top of the accused and they captured the accused until the police have to arrive.

He was having a shotgun with him and also a sharp but small knife and additional ammo as per the police reports. He will be facing a charge for murder and the victims were taken to the hospital.They were taken to Medical Center of Harbor View in Seattle but they declared a student of age nearly 20 brought dead.
One person who is also in his 20s is critically injured and he in a process of surgery. The remaining two people are in out of danger but still they are kept under constant observation. And the motive behind the incident is unclear and a university with about 3800 students and has some serious reputation issues in students being involved in drugs and alcohols.

And the name of the student who saved the others by spraying a pepper spray is identified as Jon Meis.
He has been acclaimed by the university and the state police for Seattle.

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