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Saturday, February 13, 2010



Hominoids, the accumulation of primates that accommodate bodies and apes, aboriginal arise in the deposit almanac aloof above-mentioned to 20 million years ago. New fossils and analytic techniques accept appear that the oldest hominoids were added assorted than ahead recognized, with both comestible and locomotor variability. This leads us to amend the aboriginal stages of ape and animal evolution.In the last 70 years the 1,000 skeletons of pre-hominids and one hominid all dated at more than 1,000,000 years, have been found, mainly in Africa. When a species changes somewhere that change 'radiates' from that location to other locations after several hundred years. That means that offspring of the individuals that had the genetic variation go elsewhere, and their have offspring have the same variation (as their parents have it). So the change is seen in skeletons from many locations. Since the fossils are not found in the order of the oldest first both radioactive dating, and other methods of relative dating the finds are used to decide in what order the changes were occuring. Sometimes this will also tell we the changes were radiating from.Also as there are now individuals with the variations in different places each place might have more genetic variations which distinquish them from individuals in other areas. In Africa over the last 70 years 4 distinct variation sets have been found. The four skeletons sets are ( and in brackets the number of years ago that they were alive rounded to the nearest million years):

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